Check us out in the September issue of Vogue magazine!

Index Section for Vogue's September Issue

Beaux Arts Galleria is thrilled that our vintage Cartier desk clock is featured in the September issue of Vogue magazine. As one of the country’s most respected and iconic publications, Vogue is the authority for style tastemakers in the United Continue reading

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Keeping Green

Green 4

Beaux Arts Galleria believes firmly in “going green.” To help us stay faithful to our commitment to staying green, we participate in the local reduce, reuse, and recycle program. Our story first begins in 2007. Having just acquired the beautiful Continue reading

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The Brazier

creative use

♫ “Oh the weather outside is frightful And the fire is so delightful…” ♫ Frank Sinatra had it right when he crooned the magic words of that winter classic “Let it Snow.” As the weather gets colder, nothing is more Continue reading

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Centerpieces: Let your imagination soar!

The Murano ducks paired with the compote

Candlesticks and flowers are always pretty on a table, but a bit “yesterday.” Why not try an arrangement that shows off your personality and at the same time some of your favorite objets d’art? A little imagination goes a long way, and your creation will be unique, assuredly more interesting than if you took the traditional route. And just wait ‘til you hear the compliments! Continue reading

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From Rags to Riches: The Origins of the Oriental Carpet

Persian Carpet Wall Hanging

Whether hung on walls as the decorative focal point of a room or gracing the floor to keep feet warm during the winter months, carpets are a fairly common household item worldwide. Some carpets, in particular oriental carpets, are luxury Continue reading

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Decorative Metalwork Techniques


The Beaux Arts Galleria houses many beautiful metal pieces, ranging from elaborate French torchieres to decorative Persian wall hangings. While many metal pieces are beautiful in their simplicity, a variety of techniques are used by metalworkers to achieve different designs Continue reading

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And the Top Designer Pick for 1st Dibs is…

Cartier Art Deco Clock_Green

You guessed it!!  Last week’s featured Cartier Desk Clock was selected by designer Francesca Bortollo-Possati as one of her Quick Picks from 1st Dibs.  We are absolutely THRILLED she chose this clock as one of her favorites– and we hope Continue reading

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Edited watch photo for Uma

Since its foundation in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, Cartier SA has become famous for its jewelry and wristwatches. It was initially Alfred Cartier, Louis-Francois’s son, who handled the company’s administration, but it was the next generation who established the Cartier Continue reading

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Marcel Franck

3150 Crystal Perfume Atomizer_Marcel Franck_02R

In 1882, Leopold Franck founded Marcel Franck in Paris to mass-produce atomizers for perfume bottles. Atomizers are devices that convert a single stream of liquid into a fine spray. Although they are not as valuable as the bottles they complement, Continue reading

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Bend, Break, or Follow the Rules: Choosing Upholstery Fabric For Contemporary Living

Italian Rococo-Style Living Room Suite

Knowing the rules can make a good design … breaking them can make it great. And “Today,” says Thomas Marshall, national sales manager of renowned fabric house Zimmer + Rohde, “when it comes to upholstery the important thing is you like it. If that means throwing out traditional ideas about proportion and patterns, so be it.” Continue reading

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